A few fellow collaborators

The Golden Lion Public House

88 Royal College Street, Camden, London, NW1 0TH

We filmed our first music video here in April 2016.

Managed for nearly 40 years by the lovely Mary Murphy along with her hero of a son Mr Dave Murphy. The original owners of the bar were a redevelopment group who selfishly tried to develop the bar into flats with no moral respect to Mary, her family and the bar’s locals. This would have killed off a much loved and valued local Camden community social point.

Enter Dave Murphy. He fought tirelessly for the bar’s plight and though sheer stubbornness and dedication took on the mercenary developers.

Last year after at least 5 years of battle the developers backed down and David bought and became the proud owner of his family’s home and business.

With fighting spirit like that how could anyone not want to be involved with the Golden Lion.

This is the Clan’s spiritual home, and always will be.

or www.facebook.com/thegoldenlioncamden

John Devine

Tin Whistle/Flute/Bodhran/Uilleann Pipes/Keyboards

John is a Hertfordshire based, very talented, experienced and well respected musician and teacher of many traditional Irish instruments. He has won International awards for playing Tin Whistle, Flute and Bodhran. John will be collaborating with us on our studio recordings and maybe the odd live show if he can find time in his busy schedule.


Robbie Dwyer

Freelance Producer, Recording Engineer & Lecturer

Robbie is as much a part of the Clan as each instrument playing member and has been with us from the start of the journey. He is a competent musician, teacher and vocal arranger, offering invaluable musical advice, as well as being responsible for tracking and mixing our studio album tracks.

Spin Productions: spin_productions@icloud.com
07900 221007

Gonz Houlihan


Gonz, based in Kildare, Ireland is a professional photographer and a drummer. He is a friend of the Clan and has provided us with some stunning backdrop images from Ireland to use on our pages.

+353 86 367 0114

Josh White

UK Freelance Lighting Cameraman & Director of Photography

Josh is a professional cameraman and Director of Photography and is the man responsible for capturing the amazing images on our first music video.

07962 402506

Antony D Lane

Independent Filmaker

Antony is an independent filmaker and director who had the mammoth task of editing many hours of footage to produce our first music video.

or www.indywoodfilms.com

Loic Blejean

Pipes and whistles.

Uilleann piper from Brittany whose fantastic pipe playing features on our third release Dream Catcher.


Frankie McLaughlin & The Rumjacks

Punk/Rock Celtic band from Sydney.

Frankie and The Rumjacks have been very supportive of us with their help and advice. Frankie also filmed and edited our video for Dream Catcher.


Luke Jin

Film Maker

Luke is an independent film maker and assisted us with the filming and production of our second video Beggars, Celts and Madmen.

Tel: 07883342896

Richard Wilding

Richard designed and produced our brilliant website.


Special Thanks

We would also like to thank for their help, advice, support and contributions – Gary Brown, Philip Noel Robertson, Angela Cannon, Alison Crowley, andy@8ecreative, Brian ‘Deadly’ Kelly, Damien Grey, Johnny Blanchard, Stuart Jones @ Woodworm Studios, Oxfordshire and Sylvia Crastan.

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