Beggars Celts and Madmen

New Single Out Now!

Welcome to our second single – ‘Beggars Celts and Madmen’ This is the title track from our forthcoming album which will be on general release Aug/Sept 2017!

Below is a description of the storyline for the video and the concept and research behind the video and song. Please note you can also download the song from all the usual online retailers and music providers for your own listening enjoyment.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to live in Ireland around the year 1864? In the aftermath of the great famine of 1847 hunger and death was rife and eviction from their homes among the poor was commonplace.

Those who were deemed ‘fortunate’ to leave their beloved homeland for America and other countries far and wide to strive for that better life for themselves and their relations, always attended a final mass to ask for protection and safe passage to that new life ahead. With the sadness they feel in having to leave their homeland behind, their conscience is racked with guilt and grief for taking that decision.